Fodder mix production plants (feed mills)

TAURUS, s.r.o., Chrudim is a traditional Czech producer of technologies for feed mills (fodder mix production plants) and can boast a large number of testimonials and/or examples of production plant realisations. The company has been operating in this field since 1992. Complete feed mill (fodder mix production) lines are delivered in "turnkey" mode, including design, assembly of technology, electrical installations, control systems, and training of staff. As a standard, the production plants are complemented by feed granulation or extrusion. Feed mill performance ranges from 500 kg to 15 t per hour. Certified precision compounding of lines is 1:100 000. A tipping mixer enables feeding of oils, fat, and other components.
Besides production of complete lines, TAURUS also offers reconstructions and modernizations of existing feed mills (mixing plants). In such cases, existing well-preserved technology, such as e.g. bins or transport routes, can be reused. Reconstruction and modernization of existing lines ensures considerable energy savings (up to 40%).
Small and mobile fodder mix production plants (small feed mill) suitable for small and medium-sized operations, or for private persons, form a separate sector. As standard, small feed mills are produced with a vertical or self-priming grinder in performance series for 500 kg/hour, 1000 kg/hour, 1500 kg/hour, and 2000 kg/hour. The advantages of these feed mills are easy operation of the line, low technology input costs, reliability and the long service lives of all components.

Fodder mix production lines allow production of:

  • Supplementary feed mixtures for cattle, lambs, sheep, horses, and fish
  • Complete and supplementary feed mixtures for pigs
  • Complete feed mixtures for pheasants, rabbits, mice, rats, wild and cloven-hoofed animals
  • Mineral - vitamin mixtures
  • Milk replacers


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