Post-harvest lines, silos and storage

TAURUS, s.r.o., Chrudim is a traditional Czech producer of technologies for post-harvest lines, commodity storage, cleaning of cereals, and conveyor systems. The company has been operating in this field since 1992. Post-harvest lines are delivered complete, including design, assembly of technology, electrical installations, control systems, and training of staff. The company also offers reconstructions and modernizations of existing post-harvest lines allowing reuse of the existing technologies.

Post-harvest treatment of grains

Receipt - the harvested product is transported into bins by means of a conveyor. This ensures continuous harvesting of crops and storage before post-harvest treatment. Pre-cleaning - removal of impurities, broken grains, weed seeds, etc. The maximum humidity of pre-cleaned grain intended for storage must be ≤ 15 %. Drying - a process with high energy and technology demands. The process may be repeated several times depending on the grain humidity. Aeration - is used in the case of lower humidity of the harvested grain (up to 18 %). This process proceeds using gratings with fans allowing aeration of the whole grain mass.

Post-harvest line technology

  • Inlet hoppers (baskets)
  • Storage silos and bins
  • Technology for cleaning of cereals and other commodities
  • Active ventilation
  • Transport routes


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