Granulation lines

TAURUS, s.r.o., Chrudim is a traditional machine manufacturer and supplier of complete granulation lines for the production of granulated feeds. Since 1992, the company has been making complete "turnkey" granulation lines, including training for operators and testing of the entire line. SALMATEK, MUNCH, BUHLER and General Dies granulators are used for granulation of feed mixtures and biomass (production of wood pellets). The type of press TAURUS chooses on the basis of the requirements and the customer and on the basis of his many years of experience in the field. An integral part of the granulator is a conveyor screw conveyor, a steaming mixer, a displacement conveyor, or a granule cooler.
The granulating presses are fitted with a drive power of 7.5 kW to 400 kW. Matrix diameter from 200 mm to 960 mm. It is possible to process the material as animal feed, sawdust and other types of biomass, compost, organic fertilizer, bran and cereal mixtures, rapeseed and beet pulp, alpha alpha, straw, hay, paper, plastics, wastes and chemical products.

Granulating Line Control System

Granulation lines are controlled by a touch screen operator panel. These panels offer a comfortable viewing and control of smaller scale technology. The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of location in the immediate vicinity of the controlled technology. This ensures immediate feedback on the production process.
The operator panel is an extension to an industrial automaton that must always be present, however, in some cases, the visualization PC may be completely replaced by the panel.
In addition to visualization of the state of technology (machine animation, fault detection, operating values ​​...), the operating panels also allow it to operate, even in fully automatic mode. The controls provide a touch screen resistive type that allows use in eg gloves. Inside the memory of the operating panel you can also keep record of the course of production, create and modify recipe, check the maintenance (hours) of individual machines, etc.


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