Biomass energy, pelletizing lines

TAURUS , s.r.o., Chrudim has been a traditional Czech producer of biomass processing technologies for energy generation since 1992. Thanks to the broad performance range of vertical crushing mills, we can offer a line exactly suiting customer requirements. Crushing mills are used for both fine and rough crushing of biomass.
A biomass processing line for energy generation includes receipt and storage of raw materials, separation of ferrous metals, rough and fine crushing, drying, granulation and cooling of pellets, sorting and subsequent storage, packing and shipping. Lines are delivered in "turnkey" mode or as individual machines.

Biomass processing for energy

  • Pelletizing lines (production of pellets)
  • Briquetting lines (production of briquettes)
  • Processing of chips, sawdust, straw, hay, chaff, and husks
  • Processing of wood waste in brickworks and other operations


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