Special technology deliveries

Based on customer request, TAURUS , s.r.o., Chrudim designs and produces special atypical deliveries of technologies exactly compliant with the customer's requirements. For such equipment, assembly and electric installation, including control, can be provided.

Protection system ATEX

Special machines for potentially explosive atmospheres, protective systems prevent explosion and hence damage to health.

Mill machines

Machines and equipment for milling technology. Parts of PROKOP and TMS Pardubice. Realization of mills reconstruction and repairs of existing machines.

Rendering plants

Machines with special treatment for the processing of rendered mead are used for crushing, screening and mixing of similar materials in rendering plants.

Crushing lines

Technology based on customer requirements designed to grind (crush) raw materials such as cereals, waste.

Spraying of oil

The spraying of oil into mixers is used in the production of feed mixtures and subsequent spraying of various oils, greases.

Coaling of boilers

Worm and bucket conveyor systems for charging coal, pellets, etc., and subsequent ash removal from boiler to solid fuel.

Steel structures

Comprehensive delivery including project, static calculation, production and assembly. Production exactly according to the customer's requirements, possibility to send 3D design.